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  • 6-PIECE SET includes Echeveria and other fake succulent plants for home and office decoration. Use them individually or group them together in tabletop terrariums and heirloom bowls

  • Decor your home, office, garden, living room and even bathroom with these natural looking succulent plants. Use it to decorate a wreath, a planter, a terrarium, or simply use in individual decorative mini pots. You can make variety of decoration combinations

  • Artificial succulents and cacti can add a bit of tropical greenery to your surroundings. These are great for wedding bouquet, party, office decoration, decor, altar, church, corsages, pew bows, reception centerpieces, bookshelf, desk, hanging indoor or outdoor. Get creative with our faux succulents. They are very beautiful, versatile and realistic looking

  • VERSATILE faux indoor plants can be staged in pots, rustic tins and jars with pebbles and artificial moss. When redecorating, easily rearrange them in different containers without the mess of repotting

  • PET AND CHILD SAFE fake plants have no toxic berries or leaves associated with real plants. Made of PVC plastic with some flocking for texture, our faux succulent plants boast plastic and wire stems. And fake succulent plants decor needs no watering, feeding or sunlight.

  • Houseplants bring life to any room, adding colorful and interesting focal points to mantles and tables. Our beautiful collection of faux succulent plants lets you breathe fresh life into bedrooms, living rooms and offices without time-consuming maintenance or even a green thumb. Recreated in stunning detail to resemble their live counterparts, these artificial indoor plants give your home all the warmth and character without the watering or wilting.

    Carefree decor for the home, office or dorm

    Drafty, dark areas are no match for faux succulent plants. They maintain the same height, color and shape without pruning, feeding or watering. Feel free to go away on vacation or position them in a windowless room; they'll continue to look lively and vibrant without any effort. Because they have none of the toxic berries or blooms of some real plants, you'll never have to worry about your curious cat or dog.

    Realistic, resilient and versatile

    Faux House Plants feature true-to-life colorations for authenticity, with light flocking as needed for texture. Made of hardy non-toxic PVC plastic, these fake indoor plants require no green thumb and will thrive without sunlight, water or fertilizer. This 6-piece set can be used together in 1 arrangement, or separated and mingled with other artificial plants in creative centerpieces, wreaths and hanging pots. If your mind can conceive it, artificial plants help you achieve it.

    Jiajie Artificial Succulent Plants 6Packs Assorted Faux Succulent - GCEV4FUD

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