Set of 2 Lifelike ARTIFICIAL Topiary Trees 90cm 3ft Topiary Boxwood Pyramid Outdoor Tree with Faux Natural Effect Topiary Leaves & Wooden Pot Realistic Fake Plant ARTIFICIALLY MARVELLOUS Home Décor - WTGF6BBR

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  • ✅ REALISTIC ARTIFICIAL IMITATION – Set of 2 Boxwood Trees Lifelike textured Green Topiary Leaves synonymous to a natural living plant, large artificial plants can work wonders for any décor solution, whether it be for outdoor home decoration or office decoration. Thanks to the fabulous realistic design style, shape and colour of the leaves, this artificial boxwood topiary trees will add a warm finish to any outdoor home / office space.

  • ✅ HANDMADE TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY – Thanks to the use of high quality materials and advanced design in structure, this artificial plant will exceed all expectations. Faux plants are the very best solution for long lasting, low maintenance Home décor, which can be arranged and adjusted to suit your requirements as needed, ensuring for the perfect house plant decoration plant display. This beautiful topiary tree plant features a wooden pot to round off an exceptional finish

  • ✅ NO MAINTENANCE REQUIRED – This fake artificial plant is ready for immediate use straight out of the box to display around the garden, home or office. As an imitation faux plant, no watering is required and this topiary Tree will last as a decorative garden home office plant all year round. The UV RESISTANT properties will also ensure the plant will not fade always remaining in Artificially Marvellous condition.

  • ✅ INCLUDES WOODEN PLANTER POT – This artificial tree is set in a weather treated wooden pot to ensure for maximum stability for standing firmly in place in the desired area around the home and garden. Tree Pot Measurements: 20cm (high) x 20cm (wide) and will look fabulous anywhere.

  • ✅ INDOOR AND OUTDOOR HOME DECOR – A natural looking high quality imitation replica plant both practical and functional as a decoration suitable for all areas around the home, office or garden space. The durable quality offers commercial suitability for wedding venues, salons, office receptions, on porches, decking, restaurants and more. Once arranged this Topiary Outdoor Tree decoration MEASURES: 90cm (high) x 25cm (wide) in SIZE

  • Do you have any idea how difficult it is to maintain a real plant, and how much time and effort it takes to keep it alive? – An Artificial Plant will provide the perfect low maintenance solution. 

    DÉCOR TO BREATH LIFE INTO YOUR HOME and GARDEN - Who doesn’t love the classic look of a green, tall and amazing plant that can last forever? - Save your time and money with this decorative and unique potted artificial topiary boxwood trees that can easily be placed outside your house front door or any other indoor or outdoor space. 

    HIGH QUALITY ARTIFICIAL OUTDOOR TOPIARY TREES – Unlike many other fake topiary decors, this Fake boxwood topiary plants is made only from high-quality, non-toxic UV resistant material with replica bushy green leaves, so it won't fade or get easily damaged and will last for the years to come! 

    JUST THE RIGHT GARDEN PLANT - Give your outside a more natural and warmer feel by adding this decorative replica artificial areca palm tree to your existing outdoor or indoor space, featuring natural green colour and texture leaves that give this versatile faux trees a very realistic look, so no one will know the difference once it is displayed in your favourite place. 

    PERFECT HOME GARDEN DECORATION and GIFT - Some plants exude class, which is exactly the case with this wonderful, areca palm tree that will never fade out of style. Whether you're looking for something that will match the modern look in any indoor space or simply a unique present that will last, this fake house plant is definitely the right choice for every home and plant lover or your favourite gardener. 


    Dimensions: 90cm Tall x 25cm Wide 

    Green Bushy Leaves 

    Comes with Wooden Boxwood Planter Pot 

    Ideal for outside, home and office wedding decoration

    Set of 2 Lifelike ARTIFICIAL Topiary Trees 90cm 3ft Topiary Boxwood Pyramid Outdoor Tree with Faux Natural Effect Topiary Leaves & Wooden Pot Realistic Fake Plant ARTIFICIALLY MARVELLOUS Home Décor - WTGF6BBR

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