"Seven-Tea!" Engraved Glass Coaster Funny 70th Birthday Gift for Tea Lovers - B08HM21BXYP

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  • There's nothing more relaxing than a nice cup of tea in your favourite mug, so this is the perfect tea lover gift for the tea obsessed person in your life!

  • You know, that friend or sibling who thinks all problems are solved by first making a cuppa, every time you open a cupboard in their home you're threatened by an avalanche of boxes of the stuff, they have their own very specific way of making it (steep for two minutes, milk in after teabag removal, one sugar, stir five times), and don't even mention their hoard of mugs and teapots slowly taking over the kitchen.

  • If they also like a good pun there's no better funny birthday gift for friends who would bathe in the beige liquid if it came directly out of the tap.

  • So whether they're a hot water first person (e.g. normal) or milk first person (nobody's perfect), or, god forbid, drink black tea, get your girlfriend one of these engraved coasters she can use immediately with a nice cup of earl grey.

  • Imagined and Materialised by Unique Gift Workshop, Wales, UK

  • Here at Unique Gift Workshop, we strive to make some of the funniest & sweetest gifts for the loved ones in your life with a sense of humour, ordinary is not the O-word we want in our daily lives, and disappointed is not the D we want either!

    Note: For our products with rude or lewd language, we have censored the main image so we don't get in trouble. Check the second image of the product you are interested in for an accurate representation! Thank you xox

    "Seven-Tea!" Engraved Glass Coaster Funny 70th Birthday Gift for Tea Lovers - B08HM21BXYP

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