YourMurano Glass Decorative Plate Made in a Folded Round Shape Riva - B093DJFJXPE

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  • Decorative glass plate handmade in turquoise and ivory tones

  • Adds a touch of style and luxury to your room

  • Diameter: 40 cm / 15,75" - Weight: 2 kg / 4,41 lb

  • 100% certified by the Murano Glass Trademark of Origin of Italian Law, Mark of Origin Code: 007

  • Packed by glass professionals with the most advanced packaging techniques

  • A round-shaped ivory and blue decorative plate; it perfectly fits both classic and modern home decors. It is an ideal design glass centerpiece that can complete any home space decoration with elegance, giving light and even more value to your dining room table or in your living room.

    Diameter: 40 cm / 15,74“
    Weight: 2 Kg / 4,40 lb
    Trademark Of Origin Code: 007

    This glass plate is easily adaptable to every home or office space, thus it completes any home space decoration of your home. This modern plate is an ideal decorative object which you can use for any occasion to add luxury and style to your dining room table, but it also works perfectly as a fruit bowl to further brighten up your room.

    This handmade product is realized with the glassblowing technique. It is a unique and ancient technique that passed through generations by the most famous Murano island's glass master families. The processing used makes it a one-of-a-kind accessory. Our 20 furnaces are among the most famous and historical ones of Murano and all adhere to the only mark of origin by the Italian state law (Regione Veneto lex. n. 70 dated December 23rd, 1994) which certifies high quality as well as the products' origin. The written warranty from the furnace is included in the packaging of every item that we ship to you.

    Our experts professionally pack all the products by hand with high resistance shipping materials, specific for glass. Shipping boxes are adequately large to store your items, which are protected by bubble wrap and expansion foam, in order to guarantee the object integrity. We use custom made wooden crates for large or heavy objects. Every damage or loss during transportation is at our charge.

    YourMurano guarantees every item against production defects (Dlgs 206/05) for 24 months after purchase. The written warranty is included in every package we ship.

    YourMurano Glass Decorative Plate Made in a Folded Round Shape Riva - B093DJFJXPE

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